What’s trending in the facilities industry?

We sat down with Dev Singh our Operations and Project Manager at Elite who gave us the low-down on the top 3 cleaning services that are on an incline right now in the facilities sector.

Hi, I’m Dev Singh Ops and Project Manager at Elite Support Services. So whilst working here I have seen the trends in the different services offered by Elite and also not shy to get my hands dirty. So here are my top 3.

1. High Level Window Cleaning

So, we saw a great increase in this service as offices started to open up again post Covid lockdown, as well as our existing clients including Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Sporting Complex’s, Opera Holland Park, Kingfisher PLC and HCA.

This service is always approach with agility to each building’s fabric. By way of example let’s talk about Lee Valley Velo park which has been also known as “The Pringle” due to its distinctive shape and as you can imagine the glass that we clean follows this shape.

As we ease out of lockdown, we take great pride and satisfaction in being a part of the reopening of such establishments. This is not just commercial cleaning this a form aesthetic pleasing to the eye, and we are proud at Elite to be part of this process.

2. Covid Bio-Misting Treatment 

We at Elite have always taken the approach that we want our clients and any establishment that we work in to be safe and a healthy environment. The uncertainty of Covid-19 was unimaginable and therefore we wanted to be at the forefront of offering a service which would restore some form of normality and serenity in any space.

So, Bio-misting is almost dry, which reduces risk of condensation, making it safe to use on all surfaces as well as electronic equipment. We leave no stone unturned during this process.

This has now become an absolutely essential service offered by Elite to our clients. We have trained technicians who follow a strict protocol which not only does this benefit to the cleanliness of the space but has also been proven to kill 99% of bacteria. 

3. Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We now move onto a service which is proven to “wow” clients on arrival as well as being extremely aesthetically pleasing. This is a staple in the facilities industry which can really heighten the look of an office space and give a long lasting impression.

Our technicians will dry clean the carpeted area on arrival and then use a solution to mist the area which enhances the effect of the carpet whilst depositing a dry white chemical compound which will very quickly break down any soil and dirt residual.

Our past clients have always been satisfied after the completion of this service, they are almost walking on clouds and we are proud to have provided this.

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