Goodbye to Opera Holland Park for another year

As summer comes to an end and we welcome the colder months we reflect back on our time at Opera Holland Park.

We have have spent the last 3 months at the Opera Holland Park committed to showcasing the excellence in Opera. In one of the most beautiful spaces in London’s capital.

Some productions included The Pirates of Penzance, Peter and the Wolf and The Marriage of Figaro to name a few.
Our cleaning operatives have kept this establishment in first class order and have had the privilege to be a part of this of the critically acclaimed opera situated in the surroundings of Holland Park. 

We were in charge of the back stage and all public areas. Our head cleaning operative Bernadette took great pride on this operation whilst being an avid Opera fan. Her daily routine at Holland Park would be to up keep the cleanliness of all the areas. Also making sure the areas were COVID safe and inviting at all times. Also being responsive and agile to attend to guests and senior management requests..

Here are a few words from Bernadette.

“I really loved working at Opera Holland Park, it is a magical place to work where talent, beautiful sounds, stories unfold and real beauty meet. I am missing James, Alex, Anna, Laima already and so many others, also including other play producers, Opera singers, Youth theatre, Carnival in vibes”

Thank you again to all at Opera Holland Park who collaborated with us to make this a wonderful time. We look forward to returning to support Opera Holland Park for 2022 and another successful season.

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